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Do it Yourself Classic Car Restoration

OK, Guys…Now that you are Over 50 and are fortunate to be happily retired with lots of time on your hands, have you thought of Classic Car Restoration?

Are you motivated with a “Do It Yourself” attitude? Well, you may be more inclined if the passion and interest are there.

Of course, you must have some skills to support this hobby.  It could be profitable if you stick to it.

If you’re just getting started, Second Chance Garage recommends:

  1. Car Restoration and Classic Car Collecting: How Do I Get Started? – It provides basic information on getting this whole process started. It will help you decide which vehicle you choose to restore based on price, condition and other considerations.
  2. Classic Car Restoration 101: Do Your Homework –  This article provides important considerations that must be addressed in order for a car restoration project to be successful. Many would-be classic car restorers have become disillusioned by the heavy costs in time, space, equipment and money. This is usually due to improper research and planning (or none at all) up front.
  3. Beginners Corner – This section teaches very basic skills of car restoration to those who’ve never attempted to work on cars. It might be called “Car Restoration 101”!


From the recommended website:

“Need some inspiration? Be sure to check out our Classic Car Photo Gallery. We have over 7,000 photos of more than 500 really nice classic cars. Want to talk car restoration? Be sure to see our Forum.”


Classic Car Restoration – A great hobby shared by many!

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